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Why Copyright for Startups is A Must

Why Copyright for Startups is A Must

Several startups are purely based on the economic conversions that can be provided by their intellectual property.  Specifically, in this age of improved digitalized business solutions, it has become easy for users to abuse business software and trading strategies that has been developed after several hours of hard work.  The work that has been produced by someone with drilling hard work, gets easily copied, reworked and duplicated within just a couple days.  This is really very bad and the startup relying on the economic conversions eventually suffer.  Therefore, it is very important for every start up to understand the importance of copyright.

Patents Trademarks and Copyrights

Every new business is like dealing with a whirlwind situation.Apart from concentrating on several factors like building a working team, creating a structured working plan for the company, dealing with investments, developing products, creating partnerships, and creating sales opportunities, startup companies should as well concentrate on different facets ofprotecting their intellectual property by making use of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Patents Can Be Costly

There are different types of patents available for different businesses.  There are utility patents, patents for business methods, patents for design and so on.  While not all startups might benefit from investing in a patent, if the solution best serves, patents can protect your business and your inventions from competitors and third parties who might probably infringe it.

While patents can be very costly, they are good at helping startups attract investors.  In cases, where patents are not affordable, startups can try dealing with unregistered TM, SM or ® types of trademarks.  Or, they can make use of copyright registrations.


While trademarks are meant to indicate the source of the product by making use of specific symbols, logos, designs, signs, and other prints, these are effective with regular usage.  It is about creating trust in the consumers about the brand type or the source from which a specific product or brand is coming from.  There are better benefits to have registered trademarks than when having unregistered trademarks, while both are legally effective.However, a caution about trademark is that this becomes effective only when the product is put on to sale.  For situations, involving intellectual property issues before the start of the sale,it helps to deal with copyrights.


Copyrights are about creating eligibility for use in “original work of authorship.”This right away protects the expression of ideas in a word to word fashion and also restricts reproduction of any kind without due permissions as applicable in law.Almost every kind of creation is protectable with copyrights like books, art, architecture, designs, photographs and anything that is an original creation.  It should be noted that ideas and concepts are not protected by copyright, rather specific methods of expression are protected by copyrights.

For those who are willing to create a quick proof of ownership for creative works, can seek help by making use of facilities like registering with third party websites to create proof of ownership with due timestamps. One of such reliable facilities is

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