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What Is Copyright Infringement

What Is Copyright Infringement

There are a few rights that an owner gains by virtue of copyright, violation of this right is known as copyright infringement.This can be termed as theft or piracy of intellectual property.  Before we explore infringement, we need to understandthe different types of rights provided to the copyright owner.

Copyright Infringement

The owner of the copyrighted work retains exclusive rights, to “reproduce, display, perform, distribute, and to create derivative works.”  If anyone who does not own the copyright to use these works, does reproduce, display, perform, or create derivative work from the original work without getting appropriate permission from the owner of the work, then it is about being involved in copyright infringement.  Making use one or more of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner is infringement; therefore, doing anything with the original work requires permission.

Several copyright infringements are being carried out because of the inability of many others who are not willing or cannot afford the original price proposed by the owner.  Infringers try to make money by producing derivative or duplicate works and making them available at a low cost. In some, cases the derivative work is made to be more advanced and better than the original work.  Some copy just as a part of their work to make a living!

Why is Copyright Infringement Considered Offensive?

Copyright infringement is considered offensive because this can lead to commercial losses to the copyright holder; however, not all such cases lead to commercial losses, but this can be associated with defamation or deviating the original owner from the kind of privilege and authority they would like to claim by virtue of being owners of the work.

Pirated Works are seized on Importation per International Law

Pirated works of any kind can be seized on importation per international law.  This is applicable and easily seen in cases of replica versions of music and movie recordings distributed without due rights overseas or in territories where the seller or distributor does not have the right to be doing it.

Copyright infringement laws are applicable internationally; however, from the wide different niches that fall under copyrights, there are a few niches where the terms for infringement vary between one country and another.  Something that is legal in one country is not legal in another country.

The Fair Use Law

In all countries, the fair use law definitely does apply.There are several types of global agreements, education, and legislation in place to prevent copyright infringement and to avoid further legal issues, despite, the copying continues.


When all fails, the ultimate resort is to seek help from law, where the copyright owner identifies the copier and tries to work things out smoothly, but when that fails, the case proceeds to legal claims for statutory damages.  Legal proceedings are serious and appropriate proof for ownership and proof of copyright infringement are produced before court, and the legal proceedings are carried out with due verifications followed by justice rendered by court in the form of penalties or whatever has been defined per law.

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