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Unlimited Copyright Explained

Unlimited Copyright Explained

Unlimited copyright is very commonly seen in overly broad use in terms of services published by several online cloud providers who allow users to email, blog, participate in social network, share, chat communicate etcetera.  In the process of transferring data, since the copies of the data are being replicated from one server on to other before it reaches the final client meant to, clients like e-mail providers require unlimited copyright granted to them per their terms and conditions.  This is kind of okay for as long as it is being used without risk.

Unlimited Copyright Thing

The unlimited copyright thing still prevents the service sites from using them for commercial distribution to unauthorized people.  However, still the “like” facilities that people make use of in famed networks keep spreading specific photographs.  This is considered to be a kind of rights grab by certain people, because the image is easily distributed along different networks by simple like and share from one group of friends through another!   One like and one share and on and on, this means that the one photo is being copied unlimited times in the network.

Some Clauses In Terms And Conditions

There are lot of sublicensing happening with such unlimited copyright approvals like photographs being used by third parties to make revenues and while this is not legal, it continues to happen via some clauses in terms and conditions which most users simply tick away without reading and the bulk of public outcry agree without understanding the consequences, ifs and buts involved in the process.

While the main target of the TOS is to enable a legal issue free service from their networking platform to their users, most of the legit sites do not make business with such unlimited copyrights, but it is the other members who make use of these services doing it.

Protecting Files Creating Proof of Ownership

Unlimited copyright registrations offered in sites like is a bit different where they mean that you can create multiple proofs of ownerships for the different versions of original works for which you are trying to establish proof of ownership for.  Even in this case, when the files are being transferred they pass on from one server to another creating multiple copies; however, these copies are encrypted and they are meant only for documentation and due retrieval process and they are lot different from the unlimited shares in other social networking sites.

No matter what kind of service you are using, it is important you understand the exclusive rights that you are agreeing upon to the site, by agreeing with the TOS.  The clauses will clearly explain their limitations involved in the process like restrictions about creating derivative works.  Legit sites will require unlimited copyright exclusively for specific tasks to render uninterrupted service, which might not be of much bother, unless other peer users make the wrong use of it.  While there is nothing to panic about the unlimited copyright thing, it helps to know the full blown complications this can lead to in those rare circumstances.

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