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For TimeStamps, you get up to 70 years period of protection and it comes with international legal validity. Provided by a Trusted third-party Internet/online notary service, it is a great way to claim primary ownership of your work, and because the discovery or creation is documented by date and time when it becomes important to prove ownership by virtue of primary discovery to get copyrights or patents, it serves as an international legal valid proof in law courts as it has been documented with a certified online notary service.

Digital timestamping is the major technique applied in this process, for each uploaded file, a digital pattern is created called a Hash, the Hash file thus created is then sent to an online notary service to do the TimeStamping using an Algorithm (TSA), This algorithm will allot a digital fingerprint for the hashed file and it will send it back with the timestamp digital fingerprint. This file is in turn stored along with your original data. The hashed file contents are not decipherable by the (TSA), therefore this method of timestamping is very confidential and reliable.

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