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Our copyright registry is used to get your work copyrighted and obtain an International Copyright Certificate, so no one will be able to use it without your consent. If they do, you will have complete rights by virtue of registered copyrights to sue copiers, and claim statutory damages.
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Terms of Service for Copyright Webstamp


This document has typed in text that contains detailed Terms of Service applicable for clauses defined in the terms of service section herein are the property of, hereafter known as copyrightwebstamp or or copyright webstamp.

The clauses defined in the terms of service section herein are the property of, hereafter known as copyrightwebstamp or or copyright webstamp.

When you register as a user with this site, to use the services offered by us, you are agreeing to work in complete compliance with the Terms of Service applicable for using our services without any kind of reservations therein.  In events where we tend to make chances in the terms and conditions pages that will likely be applicable as established for all the services offered in the website herein.  Therefore, it is important that you go through the clauses

By both registering as a user and using the services offered by this site, you are accepting completely and without reservations these Terms of Service, which will be applicable in addition to any special or particular terms or agreements that may be established for other services, when appropriate. Therefore, you are requested to thoroughly read this document. Also, you need to ensure that you are reading the amendments made to the terms of service page as and when you are notified.

If you are not able to work in acceptance with these conditions, then you are automatically prevented from making use of the services provided by copyrightwebstamp.

Service Description

Copyrightwebstamp permits the user to register and document copyrighted intellectual property that is your own creation in a digital format.  This work will be appropriately associated to prove rights of ownership of the creator registering here on the website. The proof of ownership created on this site can be used to establish valid contracts and licenses like those of Creative Commons, General Public License, GNU and other copyright related records.

The following are the advantages when you make use of this platform to create proof of your work:

If third parties should claim rights over your work, you can prove your valid ownership over the work by making use of the registration, authorship, ownership, and publication records created on this website.

You can make use of the records on the website in accordance with the terms of service that defines clauses about applicable rights for permission to publish, reproduce, send and receive, distribute, and manage different situations involving a need to prove your ownership over the work.

The certificate issued by copyrightwebstamp with date and time stamps for your uploads when you register your work is proof of your ownership of the work.  The certificates thus issued are subject to applicable conditions and terms governing the issuance at that point of time at copyrightwebstamp.

The agreement between the user and copyrightwebstamp with respect to the registration and safe custody of the documents whether free of charge or based on paid registrations is applicable to secure and establish the authorship, ownership, and usage rights of the original owner who registers with the site.    The clauses that prove ownership are also applicable to work in favor of the author/owner as a user of the services at copyrightwebstamp to use the proof against violations involving duplications and reproduction of the work.  The clauses are as well applicable for additional proofs like images and digital files registered with the site that can be used to identify, represent, and prove ownership.

In cases where the user authorizes, copyrightwebstamp will be willing to permit the appearance of the contents of the work registered, the title, author name, and other policies applicable for the copyright as agreed during the time of registration in online search engines, specific publications, specific tools, features etcetera.

Copyrightwebstamp may send the registrant and his files details to third party Authorized Agent services to register the work with the U.S. Copyright Office, and to obtain a Timestamp from an internet/online notary service.

Copyrightwebstamp might not be held liable for anything that might lead to loss of data or errors in the application that may happen from the third party service that Copyrightwebstamp uses for this matter.

The webstamp copyright registration proof provided by Copyrightwebstamp is a valid copyright registration proof in countries wich have signed the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works but might not be a valid direct legal proof of evidence to be used in cases of copyright infringement involving lawsuits in some countries where they have a national copyright office and some national laws allow for registration of works for the purposes of, for example, identifying and distinguishing titles of works. In certain countries, registration can also serve as prima facie evidence in a court of law with reference to disputes relating to copyright. The user should be aware of the laws that protect copyrights in their own countries or in the legal jurisdiction where he/she might sue for copyright infringement cases and register. In some cases, it might become necessary to register with the specific national copyright registration offices for each of the countries that require them.  The registration here at Copyrightwebstamp can be used as a registration evidence to be used for copyright infringement lawsuits to create copy proofs in different nationalities as needed in compliance with their acceptance. is not a law firm, it does not provide legal advice or legal services, we provide only a copyright filing service and we are not a substitute for the advice of a law attorney.

Copyright itself does not depend on official procedures. A created work is considered protected by copyright as soon as it exists. According to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, literary and artistic works are protected without any formalities in the countries subject to that Convention.  Copyrightwebstamp provides a timed registration proof to help the user of our services, thereby,providing a certificate as an online publication proof for the creative work.

Obligatory User Commitment

The user, whether an individual user, an organization or entity provides natural assurance by registering the job with copy copyrightwebstamp as being the original author, owner, or authorized copyright holder for the files. Registering files with copyrightwebstamp is accountable as a natural pledge by the user as being at the least the correspondent with sufficient rights to register for copyright policies as accorded by copyrightwebstamp.

The user who is making use of the services of copyrightwebstamp while registering with the sites provides a natural assurance that the work that is being registered whether original or derivative is not something that infringes the rights of third parties. This is inclusive of probable infringement of third party copyrights, privacy agreements, along with associated images and right of honor.   In cases, where the third party requests for removal of the work, modification of publication, or any other activity that interferes with the contents or related rights by virtue of registration, the user who is registered with copyrightwebstamp agrees to comply with the terms and conditions as defined in the “Copyrightwebstamp’s Copyright infringement Protocol” to empower copyrightwebstamp to do the needful during events of claims or complaints as raised by third parties with respect to the work of the registered user.

The user promises to register only original work and related title information for which he/she naturally owns the right to.  The user in such situations has the required rights to make foregoing corrections to update information if it is not 100% accurate.

In a way to re-establish the original ownership of the user, the user authorizes copyrightwebstamp to transmit, reproduce and publish specific details of registered work in affiliate website, this is inclusive of the title of the work, the identification details of the work, the outline, and other descriptions related to the type of work being done.   The users permitting access and downloading rights to copyrightwebstamp permit reproduction, fixation, transmission and distribution rights to copyrightwebstamp.  The authorization thus provided is non-exclusive, non-transferable, applicable globally, and is provided free of charge.  However, it should be noted that the rights granted to copyrightwebstamp are revocable and limited in cases where copyrightwebstamp would try to make use of the work for purposes that the user has not required from them.  The user solely seeks copyrightwebstamp services to establish ownership.  Copyrightwebstamp shall make use of the rights exclusively to serve the purpose.  If copyrightwebstamp makes use of the rights to exploit the information for profit or for free or makes it available to third parties any of the registered works for purposes other than for proving ownership of the user, the rights, granted, and licenses accorded by the user becomes immediately void.

The true owner for all the copyrighted works that are being registered at copyrightwebstamp is the User and in situations where permitted, the person or entity authorized by the user to operate on behalf.  Copyrightwebstamp is not liable to reproduce, make changes, distribute, sell, re-arrange or make use of the work without expressed and exclusive rights offered by the true owner.  In cases, where copyrightwebstamp is taken over by some other company or merged with some other entities, that will not in any way alter the rights, covenants, and obligations as agreed upon between copyrightwebstamp and the user as the now contracting parties.

The user agrees to respond in a timely and responsible manner to communications from copyrightwebstamp related to probable third party infringement,which binds the user as answerable to prove his/her stand in the complaint.

The user promises to abide by and respect the intellectual property rights of other users who are making use of the services of copyrightwebstamp, and agrees to avoid participating in any activity that is an infringement of the rights of other users who have uploaded their work here at copyrightwebstamp.

Obligations of Copyrightwebstamp

Copyrightwebstamp will be hosting the copies of files as uploaded by the registered users who are making use of the service without breaching the terms of services as contracted upon as a service provider for the user.  Unless exclusively authorized by the user, non-authorized parties will not be able to access the registered materials whatsoever except as agreed upon in specific clauses as necessary only to prove the ownership stand of the user.

Copyrightwebstampwill maintains a track record of all the changes and updates that are being made by the user from time to time, to keep track of the exploitation rights policy.

Copyrightwebstamp will certify the registered contents of the user to third parties in the agreed upon format to help with establishing copyright policies and associated changes.

In special situations, copyrightwebstamp has the right to deny access rights due to infringement issues on the part of the user in a way to protect their own service integrity.  This can as well be related to facilitate legal actions and prosecutions as well.

All the contents registered with copyrightwebstampare ruled by international treaties and global intellectual property laws as and when applicable if they are registered in a proper manner.

Copyrights for the works that are registered with Copyrightwebstamp are applicable to the authors and in situations where applicable to the people or entity to whom the rights of ownership have been legally transferred.  After the rights have been transferred, the new owner is liable to abide by the terms and conditions agreed upon between the previous owners of the work.  In cases where special exploitation will be required, it is important to have the respective consent from the respective owners.

The services provided by Copyrightwebstamp their executive plans, computer programs, databases, and related service contents are all the property of Copyrightwebstamp.  Any kind of duplication is strictly prohibited.  The usage of the service will be in strict compliance with the terms and conditions.  Any kind of exploitation of the site’s contents that works against the services of Copyrightwebstamp or the rights of the users is strictly forbidden and is legally punishable.

Under specific conditions, the terms and conditions of copyrightwebstamp permits usage of the contents to preserve, for scholarship, research, use for non-commercial purpose, reproduce, cite, review, and other exceptional limitations that work under fair use policies governed by international, national, state, local, and organizational laws as applicable.

If you feel that any of the contents of copyrightwebstamp interferes with the intellectual property rights of anyone, feel free to let us know at to take appropriate actions.Any kind of notification, communication or filing of claim or complaints about copyright infringement will immediately trigger action with respect to the clauses defined in “Copyrightwebstamp Infringement Protocol”.

Trademark Licensing

Copyrightwebstamp provides registered users with the permission to make use of the registered trademark copyrightwebstamp, as a mode of acknowledging the work as being registered by way of plugins, bookmarks, software and tools that permit them.  Unauthorized use of the trademark is forbidden and if you should use them you should procure written consent.


Privacy Policy for Copyright Webstamp

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at

At we consider the privacy of our visitors to be extremely important. This privacy policy document describes in detail the types of personal information is collected and recorded by and how we use it.

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Cookies and Web Beacons uses cookies to store information about visitors’ preferences, to record user-specific information on which pages the site visitor accesses or visits, and to personalize or customize our web page content based on visitors’ browser type or other information that the visitor sends via their browser.

Exercise Your Rights

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Online Privacy Policy Only
This privacy policy applies only to our online activities and is valid for visitors to our website and regarding information shared and/or collected there. This policy does not apply to any information collected offline or via channels other than this website.

By using our website, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms

When you register your work with Copyrightwebstamp, this implies that you are automatically in acceptance of our Privacy Policy.  Our Privacy Policy establishes that by giving away service passwords you are subjecting your account to damage, manipulation or loss of user data.  Copyrightwebstamp ensures privacy of your data by having your database registered with the respective Data Protection Authority.

Copyrightwebstamp can get your personal data during the registration process when you make use of the website to register your services and when you access the related partner sites.  Copyrightwebstamp can exchange registry information with other sites to have the database stored there in; however, it will be done only under circumstances where the non-disclosure agreement has been agreed upon.  A copy of Privacy Policy will as well be sent as a mode of getting consent to maintain privacy.

When you register, you will have to provide specific details like name, surname, email and password. In cases, where you will register as the author, you will have to provide additional information like your address, so that you can provide information about your address to have intellectual property registry certifications delivered to you.  The sooner you register with us at Copyrightwebstamp you will not be any more anonymous to us.

We will collect information on the different users based on the transactions that have been done with us with respect to the services provided.  This can consist of questions and comments that have been obtained on our contact page as well as on copyright infringement notifications.  We will get your database by taking a log of the activities by saving your IP address and browser configuration for the requested pages.

The website makes use of cookies to maintain the sessions and to customize user experiences.  Cookies are as well important to collect information from anonymous web usages and related statistics. You will be able to get detailed information by going through our cookies policy.

The details that we collect form you will be used for the following purposes like:

  • To manage registry services
  • To issue ownership and registration certificates
  • To answer questions and to respond to comments
  • To resolve issues registered at customer care
  • Communicate personal data and registrations of users
  • Statistical analysis of searches so far
  • Internal and external anonymous reports
  • To send newsletters and other information about products and services to the user
  • To improve the quality of service rendered

It is important to collect the required user data to render these services in the most appropriate manner.

The only personal information we will publish in our site is your name or the pseudonym that you have provided in the registry, the title, identification code, type of work, synopsis, date of registration and time, and related details about exploitation rights.  Third parties will be able to access the content only when you decide.

All the data collected and registered will be processed with respect to Data Protection Law we abide by.  Under no circumstances will the data be misused or exploited.

Liability and Warranty

Based on the description of the services, Copyrightwebstamp is not responsible for the accuracy of data provided by the users who are registering with us to avail our services.  Copyrightwebstamp does not take responsibility for probable infringement of the rights of third parties in any of the registered works.

Any kind of claim that is based on intellectual exploitation or disclosure of trade, professional or personal secrets via the data, becomes violation of the right to privacy.  The related consequences can pertain to civil, criminal, or administrative rights and infringements.  The respective users who have registered with the site are liable and answerable to such issues.  This is inclusive of the cost of legal actions or claims against copyrightwebstamp related to the user associated data that will include charges for barristers, solicitors, and other legal fees, even in situations where their actuation might not be mandatory.

Copyrightwebstamp guarantees appropriate availability of data from servers most of the time, except during rare downtimes for servers which is mandatory during maintenance service.  Copyrightwebstamp does not take responsibility for downtimes, losses, or manipulation of data due to natural disasters, or during any kind of event influenced by third parties in a way that is not legally permitted by our terms of services.

Copyrightwebstamp will not be responsible for any kind of liabilities, errors, inaccuracies in information, suitability, reliability, truthfulness, or for any other intended purposes by the user.   This as well includes compliance and breaches related to matters like licenses, contracts, registered works policy, and every kind of legal clauses governing our services on the part of the user.  For all issues generated by inappropriate user behavior, the user shall be deemed responsible.  Copyrightwebstamp does not have any kind of commercial connection with the user.  In cases where the user has made commercial use by inappropriate breaches, Copyrightwebstamp cannot be held responsible for the same.  The issue shall be handled as one that is related to user’s violation and exploitation of the sites services.

Also, Copyrightwebstamp cannot be deemed liable for any kind of losses that arises due to the act of registering the work via API that might be integrated into the website of a third party that is not related to Copyrightwebstamp.


Copyrightwebstamp retains the right to make the required changes and updates to the graphical layout, database details, and other mandatory programs that are being used to make the services available to the end user.  This as well includes the clauses and phrases in terms of service, privacy policy, and more, in a way to make the service legally compliant and powerful.

Copyrightwebstamp might as well temporarily suspend the services for maintenance and improvement purposes.  And, the site might not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage resulting from those activities.

This agreement will be modified with required updates of clauses periodically and therefore is indefinite. Users will be periodically updated of changes whatsoever.

Free Trial Period for New Members & Cancellation Options

First-time members are eligible to try the service (“Trial Offer”) without obligation. To accept the Trial Offer. Upon registration, you will receive a password to immediately access the Online copyright registration software.

important : Files uploaded during the trial period will be deleted after 30 days

You can cancel your Trial Offer membership or monthly membership at any time by emailing us at or by clicking the Unsubscribe button on your Profile page.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Refund Policy provides you with satisfaction guarantee for the services offered.  At any point in time, should you be disappointed with our services, you can contact us, and we will do our best to resolve the issues you are facing.  Refund requests are to be made within 7 days of buying, if the user register without a trial period, if the registration has been made with an trial period, than Refunds  requests are to be made within the trial period, after that no refunds can be made as the user has been given a trial period to test and get familiar with the software and the services offered by .  We will not be able to make refunds for amounts that have been spent towards government filing or third party internet notary service.

After we have prepared the copyright application to file with the U.S. Copyright Office or third party internet notary service, if the user did not provide sufficient materials required for the submission, the user will not be entitled to the refund of the money that should have been used for the government filing or third party internet notary service; however, the filing might not be complete for obvious reasons of you not providing with the sufficient details required for the submission.  We cannot take liability responsibility for delays from the user’s side.

The U.S. Copyright Office might have to reject submissions for legal reasons that are beyond the control of does not guarantee that every application prepared by us might procure the respective Certificate of Registration from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Liability Limitations, its employees, agents, representatives, and officers particularly disclaim warranty, whether it is implied or expressed for warranties pertaining to matters related to fitness or qualifications for merchantability for a specific purpose. Employees, agents, representatives, and officers of cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, liability, claim, inconvenience, or other consequences resulting from the use of the services of that might have been caused by the use of services, which also includes errors due to defects, delays in transmission, computer virus etcetera.  Our liability is limited only to the funds paid by the user to

Warranty and Indemnification

The user represents and warrants to work in compliance with the applicable laws and rules regulating the use of the website and the materials contained on the website at all times, by accepting this agreement.  Hereby, the officers, affiliates, directors, employees, and subsidiaries of Copyrightwebstamp are being indemnified, defended, and held harmless versus all types of claims, damages, injuries, losses, expenses, costs, proceedings and liabilities including but not limited to legal costs and attorney fees that arises due to the breach of representations, warranties and covenants by using the services.  As a user, you agree to completely cooperate as reasonably required in the defense of any claim. strives to provide the most accurate services via the website.  However, Copyrightwebstamp cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information, or accuracy of the materials submitted by the user to the website.  Copyrightwebstamp may contain links to other websites that are meant solely to facilitate for the convenience or interest of the users.  Copyrightwebstamp does not make warranties or representations with respect to the contents of the website that are accessed via these links, and they do not assume to take any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, quality or legality of the website that you might access via the links provided in

Governing Law

Any claim relating to’s web site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Canada without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
By accepting these Terms of Service, the user, renouncing any court of justice when possible, is submitting any disputes to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Montreal, (Quebec Province, Canada) to solve any conflicts that may arise concerning the Terms of Service.



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