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No Copyright Infringement Intended.. Really!

No Copyright Infringement Intended.. Really!

There are several companies and publishers who make use of the original work of others.  Then, they manage to put remarks like, “No Copyright Infringement Intended”.  There are several famous phrases that are commonly used in famous digital publications and videos as well like, “I cannot take credit for this video or work” and several other jargons.  This is indeed an open sign of acknowledging copying of some sort.

Not Really a Genuine Approach

Confessing on the act of copying might seem like a genuine gesture; however, the act is actually an intended copyright infringement. The very publication of the message that no copyright infringement is intended, by itself declares itself an “excuse request” for the publication or use of someone else’s work.  This as well declares the underlying guilt or fear related to the probability of copyright issues and related consequences.

Honoring the Creator

It is always best to get permission from the owner in a decent manner without behaving like a smart copier.  Getting permission from the author and acknowledging the author with the credit for the work type is a method of honoring the creator.  By doing so, you will earn their good will, and in cases where you might want to use their future work, you will be gaining priority to use the work as well.

Feeling Obliged to Let Go

If you think that if someone is going to put remarks like “No Copyright Infringement Intended! Really,” to eventually escape the entire act of copying, it is not that you should feel obliged to let go.  You can still prove your ownership over the work and you can have them stop using your work by proving your right over your job.  You need not feel obliged to allow someone to use your work just because they state that they do not have any intention to infringe copyrights.

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