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Fair Use versus Copyright Infringement Cases Use versus Copyright Infringement Cases

Copyright infringement cases are not uncommon.  They have forever existed in some form or the other. When arguments over copyrights happen, the issue is inescapable, unless the dispute is settled away with valid proof.

There are several copyright infringement cases where someone tries to build upon the work of another to create an original work and they fight with each other over fair use.  There are several such famous cases that have triggered global controversies.

Per section 501 of the Copyright Law, “Anyone who violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner is an infringer of the copyright or right of the author.”

Infringement is a situation where someone thinks it is “fair use”.  Sometimes, they might have intentionally copied or built over it!  Regardless of whether the violator knows it or not, every creator should know what an infringement situation feels like.  If you do the following without the knowledge of the author, without giving due credits, without consent, then you are probably involved in infringement, like:

  • -Reproducing any kind of creative work into several copies
  • -Renting, leasing, or lending copies of the work to the public by selling or other means
  • -Creating derivative works based on the original copy
  • -Publically displaying the work
  • -Public performance of creative tasks

In cases, where the person who is being sued for copyright issues claims the issue to be a fair use type, and if you are not able to provide with valid black and white proof for the issue, you will not be able to win over the suit.  Therefore, it is very important to create valid copyright proofs for your work.

Electronic digital technology has made copyrights and related procedures easier than ever. It helps to register the records related to copyright, at the copyright office.  You need not really worry thinking about the cost as going to be an expensive affair.

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