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Our copyright registry is used to get your work copyrighted and obtain an International Copyright Certificate, so no one will be able to use it without your consent. If they do, you will have complete rights by virtue of registered copyrights to sue copiers, and claim statutory damages.
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Facts about Copyright

Facts about Copyright

Copyright registration is an optional process; however, the sooner the original work is created, it helps to create some kind of proof of ownership of the work to avoid legal trouble.  Immediately, after the work is created originally by the owner, it is considered to be copyrighted; however, unless registered with valid proof, it is not easy when it is about situations involving illegal use of the material.

Copyright Registration and Procedural Benefits

There are several steps involved in procedurally proving ownership, when it comes to issues with copyright.  Registration of a work provides with ample procedural benefits. Copyright registration is important, when it is about legally dealing with lawsuits for copyright infringement and related issues like getting statutory damages, attorney fee compensation etcetera.

Every material and distribute of a business should be copyrighted with ©, the year when it was first publicized, the language, the owner, and the all rights reserved symbol.  Everything about the intellectual work relating to the business should be registered like address, mails, phones etcetera, so that infringement of such details can as well be sued for.


Every kind of text, image,music, design or any intellectual work that had been copyrighted can be availed for use by getting due permissions from the author for the desired use with an agreement in an ethical manner by providing the required compensations therein.  This is a great way to stay legal.  This is applicable regardless of whether the work is available offline or online.

Controls Laid By Copyright

Copyrights provide the author with a control over methods in which the material can be used.The copyright begins the sooner the material is created even without actually registering the work.  The rights as accorded by ownership of creation dictates the methods involved in copying, adapting, distributing, performing in public, communicating in public and so on.

What is protected by Copyright?

Everything ranging from databases, computer programs, music work, art work, drama, literary work,and published editions of work, films, sounds, broadcasts, engineering drawings and every kind of creation is protected default by copyright.This is applicable whether the material is registered online or if it is offline.  Whether online or offline, even if the material is not registered for copyrights, at least a valid proof of ownership with due timestamps should be created.


Transfer Copyrights to Third Parties

While the original owner of any work is the first author, if the author wishes, they have the right to transfer copyrights to third parties by due paper work.  In cases, where the author is not alive, the person claiming copyright transfer should have the work willed or there should be legal clauses that permit inheritance with respect to the work.  Merely owning a work does not provide the owner with the copyright if they are not the original creator of the work.

In cases, where the intellectual property is made publically available, even after the duration for copyright is over, the original owner might continue to retain the publication rights with respect to the work! s to create proof of ownership with due timestamps. One of such reliable facilities is


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