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Copyright Infringement Examples

Copyright Infringement Examples

There are several copyright infringement examples that can be narrated for the understanding of those who have difficulty understanding the copyright issue thing.  If someone is going to produce, reproduce, perform, display, or broadcast your original work without any kind of  permission, attribution or payment then the clauses of copyrights are violated leading to copyright infringement.  This is applicable for both minor and major copying.

The infamous case between photographer Art Rogers and artist Jeff Koons is a valid example for copyright infringement.  The photographed work titled, Puppies was clicked in the year 1985.  The photograph was about a couple who were holding on to several puppies in a row.

Jeff Koons was working on a series of art work where the theme was supposed to be about everyday happenings.  While Jeff Koons found the work of Art Rogers inspiring, he created a set of sculptures based on the picture in the year 1988.

The work of Art Rogers was titled “Puppies” in the year 1985 and the work of Jeff Koons was titled, “String of Puppies” in the year 1988.

While Jeff Koons made real profits by selling several copies of the sculptures, a major copyright issue broke out between the two.  The similarity was too close that anyone would be able to easily identify the copying issues.  The case was rendered in favor of Art Rogers eventually Koons had to make a major monetary settlement.

Therefore, it is important to understand the fair use principles when building your own work based on someone else’s work.  It can be tricky sometimes even when no offense was meant! The year of publication for the “Puppies” stood as the major proof in deciding on the original owner.  If there were not a valid proof for the date, then the decision would have gotten complicated.

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