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Copyright 101

Copyright 101

Copyright was originally used in a way to protect and benefit authors from their right of ownership to creative works.

The respective literary works and discoveries of authors are copyrighted thereby reserving exclusive rights of duplicating, publishing and creating derivative works to the author in a way to encourage more and more people to come up with intellectual creations.  Therefore, creative works of all kind were termed as intellectual property.  The reserved rights helped the original creator to enjoy the benefits of creation in financial matters, social fame and in many cases new job opportunities, royalty income etcetera.

Copyright Does Not Protect the Idea

Copyright indeed does not protect the idea expressed in the creative work rather it protects the style in which the idea is being expressed.There are different types of copyrights available like those applicable for utilities, designs in industries, trademark, service mark, copyright, right of publicity etcetera.

Intellectual Expressions of All Kind

While copyright was originally meant for words and literary works, it then spread on to almost all types of intellectual expressions made use of by human beings and the different technologies in existence.

Photographs, music, artwork, dance notation, computer software, games, charts, engineering drawings, machine drawings, graphics, sculpture, websites, contents, sound recordings, and a broad range of original creations are covered under copyrights.

Not All Creations Are Copyrighted

While some creations are highly useful for immediate public use, they might be classed for use with public domain for free use and might not be considered as a copyright material. However, some kind of author credit might be universally given for such works that become a part of the public domain.

Fair Use Rules Are Applicable

Even for copyrighted works, the fair use rules are applicable.  Fair use rules per the copyright policy allows someone to use a work after getting due permissions by either making payments, providing author credits, link back, royalty payments or other modes as defined in the copyright policy as defined by an agreement between the two parties.  Fair use is considered ethical, regardless of whether the work is small or big.


Court To Get Due Statutory Damages

In cases, where someone has violated copyrights in situations where the original owner comes in for soft negotiations, it is fair for the violator to agree and to do the needful to clear commotions out of court.  In cases where, things do not settle it might lead to the original owner seeking help from court to get due statutory damages.

Look For Copyright Policies

Rather than using the work first and then regret later, before you try to make use of any intellectual work it helps to find who the owner is and to get due permissions to make use of the work.

Working in compliance with copyright policies keeps most of the trouble away.  And, prudent of all will be to create some proof of ownership in third party sites like Copyrightwebstamp with due timestamps that you can later use of copyright registrations.

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