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What Does Copyright Protect

Creating a copyright proof has become inexpensive, artists, creators, and workers of many categories can use the low-cost electronic WebStamp Copyright System that is offered exclusively to our members to prove their ownership and the time of the creation of their original works instantly.

In cases where a lawsuit becomes necessary, the low-cost copyright registration certificate generated by the WebStamp electronic registration process can be used to prove primary ownership and the time of creation to put all chances for winning on your side.

Further, this can be validated with a US Copyright Office Registration done at a later point in time if a lawsuit becomes necessary.


Sound recordings, written work, books, artwork, designs, computer programs, films, audio-visual works, music, lyrics, screenplays, scripts, and even pictures taken from smartphones can be protected and copyrighted directly by uploading digital copies of your creative work to our website at the earliest, before or after publishing your work, once done, you have created a proof of copyright.

This takes hardly minutes, the process is completely inexpensive, and the sooner your digital file is uploaded to the server the algorithm will allot a file number – the unique digital fingerprint for your file. If you make any alterations to the original version, you can upload the new copy and get a new digital fingerprint for your altered version.

All the versions of your original work that has been allotted with a digital fingerprint are copyrighted and an online registration certificate proof is generated for each version of your work.

 Your copyright proof will be useful if you have to deal with copyright infringement cases to claim statutory damages. Creating low-cost electronic proofs of ownership simplifies authorship security for creative workers.

Disclaimer: Copyright Webstamp is not a law firm, it does not provide legal advice or legal services, we provide copyright filing and registration services and we are not a substitute for the advice of a law attorney.
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